A Current Transformer constitutes the principle measuring device for protection and metering purpose in any power system.

Important functions of CT

  • To convert the high current value to lower standard value.
  • To maintain dielectric isolation between primary & Secondary Unit.

Our Product Range

Consist of the following:

  1. Indoor resin cast CTs for switchgears upto 33KV.
  2. Outdoor Oil immersed CTs upto 33KV.
  3. Bus duct CTs upto 33KV.


The class of accuracy for metering CTs are 0.1, 0.2, 0.5, 0.5s and 1.0 and in case of protection of CTs, it is 5P10, 5P20 and 10P10.

Other Factors

Other factors needs to be considered for a CT are ratio, rated burden, accuracy limit factor and knee point voltage .